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debian.ch is the official representation of the Debian project in Switzerland and in the Principality of Liechtenstein. It is a non-profit association under Swiss law (Articles of Association).

You can reach debian.ch by:

Bank details:

People interested in local activities and information around Debian meet on the community@lists.debian.ch mailing list.

Please note that due to our limited resources, debian.ch does not provide support for Debian GNU/Linux. Please see the Debian web site for ways to get support (both commercial and free).


On behalf of the Debian Project, we produce and sell select Debian merchandise. All profits go to the Debian Project without deductions.


Init Seven AG

Init Seven AG provide hosting and connectivity to the machine serving this web page. This is an important contribution to the Debian Project in Switzerland.

Init7 themselves use Debian internally, and we hope to keep developing our system in their interest.

We would like to thank Init7 for their support.


According to § 4 of our Articles of Association, people or companies who donate at least 100 CHF have the option to be listed as patron of our association. We have received contributions from the following people/companies:

Martin F. Krafft München http://martin-krafft.net
Rolf Müller Stettfurt  
Buchbinderei Kevin Müller Bern  

Thanks to all our patrons for their support!

Not what you expected?

The debian.ch association was founded in November 2006 and could obtain the debian.ch domain on 15.12.2006 from CRIL / Marc Schaefer. debian.ch does not sell Debian CDs, but its previous owner continues to do so; please contact them at debian-cd-sales@cril.ch.